D-Bank - Core Banking Software

With our web based banking software designed with in-built formulae & validations, accounting registers, schemes, loans, reports and security features, you can now experience fast, reliable and hassle-free transactions. Designed in compliance with the rules governed by co-operative sectors regulatory body, it is supported by reliable software framework. Workflow based model allows the authorised personnel to manage transaction requests and act accordingly. Investment and saving schemes like SB, RD, FD along with loans are integrated in a single product for hassle-free operating.

  • Role based transaction management
  • In-built cashbook and ledgers
  • Multi-lingual reports (English and Kannada)
  • Secured access
  • GO GREEN- minimal paperwork (Paperless Office System)

D-Health – Hospital Management Software

D-Health is a Hospital Management software developed specifically for clinics and hospitals that provide end-to-end solutions for all clinical needs, such as Customer Appointment booking, Doctor Assignment, treatment, prescriptions, billing, purchases, Inventory and accounting.

  • Inventory of products
  • Purchase and Sales
  • Vendors & Customers
  • Online prescription and billing
  • Easy appointment booking and cancellation

D-Chit - Chit-funds Management System

Designed in compliance with the rules governed by regulatory body for Chit-funds in India, this application single-handedly tracks monthly payments, receipts, bids, payments to bid-winners and document verification.

  • Define Tax Parameters  (Service Tax on commission , TDS on Agent’s commission, etc)
  • Track Assets of the Chit Agency (Value and Depreciation)
  • Manage documents collected from members (Scan & Upload)
  • Manage member registration and fee collection  (Generate and Print Receipts)
  • Map members to Chit Fund groups
  • Manage monthly installment collections from members (Dividend auto calculated)
  • Manage agents commission
  • Manage monthly chit beats (online and offline bids)
  • Process payment for chit beat winners
  • Manage TDS and Service Tax payments to Govt.
  • Manage Chit Agency FDs
  • Manage staff salaries
  • Manage Administrative Debits
  • View and Print Reports

D-Fleet - Fleet Management Software

D-Fleet is best suitable for the needs of a fleet operator. With features like ‘track the truck’, trucks hired by the customer and the status of its trips between origin and destination can be tracked. Maintenance of trucks can also be effectively monitored. Available in two variants - manual and automated rates calculation, choice depends on the payment mode opted by customers. Reporting is integrated with software, which can be both viewed or printed.

  • Tracking trucks on hire by customers
  • Systematic maintenance
  • Both manual and automated rate calculator
  • Report generation

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